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We, Corporate Furniture Limited (CFL) has started our journey by incorporating CFL on June 25, 2008 and commencing on July 30, 2008 with desire to deliver your vision through corporate look. With Customer Relation and Quality Management as the foundation of CFL, we are manufacturing Knock Down and Modular office furniture and operating in approximately 6000 sq. ft. area.

The depth and width of our experience helps us visualizing your need and contributing effectively in redesigning corporate look for future values. Since 2008, we are consistently providing services and products as per the requirements of customers. We design and manufacture furniture according to the requirements of customers who visit from Corporate Sector mainly. We also provide comfort to our Customers in their Homes as per their dreams.


After all, Customer guides us to decide the path of success, say the founders of CFL. With diverse experience, expertise, and skills the founders welcome you to bond with CFL to create the future from front. Founder’s different background complements and synergies each other’s experience and expertise. We always repeat that leadership is not about giving instruction but inspiring people to do better. We are not peon or president but the potential to facilitate customers’ vision.

CFL desires to contribute effectively and differently in redesigning corporate look for future values.

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.”